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Sex has always fascinated me. Maybe it's because as a teenager, my dad got sick and was no longer able to have sex. Something my mother continued to complain about for the next 20+ years.

It seems when I'm around a group of women, we always end up talking about sex. I was shocked at how many women had to "put up with their husbands" and had sex with them just to "get them off their backs". Again this left me wondering what was wrong with society. Why wouldn't women want to have sex with their husbands?

The answer came the longer I was married. Kids happen. Exhaustion happens. The trash doesn't get taken out and the energy to put into sex is just too much or so I thought. It's not that I didn't enjoy sex, I just didn't enjoy sex all that much.

So what changed? I changed. I got vocal. I found what I liked and worked at it, daily. I have not been sexually frustrated in years.

Now he did some changing, too. He listened, asked, experimented.

I believe that if men sexually satisfy their wives, the world will be a happier place.

It is a process to get there and I'd like to help!

Most Sincerely,

Ellen J. Macafee