You work hard. You provide. You do the BEST you can! Something just doesn't seem to be right. Something's off and you just can't put your finger on what it is.

~ First, I'm not here to point the finger of blame at you.

I'm here to help you understand the stuff you don't know.

~ Second, I'm not here to tell you what your partner likes in bed.

I'm here to help you ask the right questions and do the things necessary to pleasure your partner!

Healthy Relationships BEGIN with a HEALTHY SEX LIFE.

Keeping marriages together one bed at a time.


Sex once a month means you connect 12 times a year.

That isn't a connection, that's a faulty wire in need of repair.


PURPOSE OF SEX: The main purpose of sex is to bond two people together. It should never be something that is forced or used as a reward or punishment for behaviors. Sex is one of the least understood, yet most powerful acts two people can perform.

KNOW YOUR PARTNER: Open communication is vital in a relationship. "Try it and see" is an amazing way to open the lines of communication and gain vital experience.

Experience is only as good as the person you are with. Learn how to discover what she likes!

CONNECT OFTEN: Sex every day is just as important as connecting in other ways. Text, sext, spending quiet hours together, a walk holding hands, a movie; the list is neverending and always changing.

Healthy Relationships BEGIN with a HEALTHY SEX LIFE

and I'm Here to HELP Your Husband Become the Ultimate Lover!

One day, I was watching one of my favorite shows, Hell's Kitchen. The women had won a challenge and their reward was dinner on top of a skyscraper. One woman lifted her glass and said, "This is better than sex and my ex-husband was really bad at sex." I actually rewound the show and listened again. "My ex-husband was really bad at sex."

Men aren't born with an innate knowledge of how to provide orgasms. And in most homes, sex is not something openly discussed, let alone orgasms and pleasure. AND definitely not FEMALE ORGASMS and PLEASURE.

Nothing's Better Than Sex

If you're doing it right! You might have a recipe for Better than Sex Cake. If you do a Google search you will find hundreds of different recipes, each touting the claim "BETTER THAN SEX."

Finding the perfect recipe is all a matter of taste and preference.

Having orgasms is all about communication, trial & error and LOTS of practice.


Another interesting show I watched was all about the life of a newlywed couple. Clueless would have been the best way to describe the husband. On their wedding night, he climbed on top of her, did his business, and then hopped off.

The show flashed forward several months, as depicted by the seasons out the window. Again, her husband climbed on top of her. Only this time she stuck out her hand behind his back. She counted, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Her husband finished, climbed off of her, SAID: "YOU'RE WELCOME" and left to take a shower.

He had NO CLUE that she wasn't feeling the same thing he was.

The Cuddle Principle is a great indicator of the state of your relationship.

I explored the idea of how to determine if a woman was sexually satisfied by what she did immediately after sex. There are two reasons women want to cuddle, immediately following sex:

1. They want to feel loved.

2. They aren't satisfied.

I'm talking about immediately AFTER sex. The need for more. The touching in hopes for something more. A double-header. Another go-round.

This cuddle thing, well, it is a tell-tale sign your significant other is feeling a bit left out in the orgasm realm.

Learn the tools necessary to provide the sexual satisfaction your partner desires!




What will bring you the MOST sexual satisfaction.

How to Prime the Pump, 

a.k.a foreplay pleasure.

How to build trust and open the doors to honest, effective communication about what your partner likes in bed.

What your partner wants you to do for sex. It's probably not what you think!

Toys. Her toys and how to use them WITH her.

Fantasies and how to explore.

The SEVEN Types of Orgasms. Yes, you read that correctly, THERE ARE 7.

Taking charge of birth control.

The ALMIGHTY ORGASM Isn't as Elusive as You Think

~ Learning HOW to please your partner doesn't need to take a lifetime of trial and error.

~ Getting her to have one of the SEVEN different kinds of orgasms she can have will take lots of devotion to the cause.

~ It's not impossible if you know how!

How can you tell if your partner is 

totally satisfied?


It is as easy as the look on her face.

If she has a smile that just won't go away, you've done well.

You KNOW that YOU are the reason she is Sexually SATISFIED

The greatest sexual pleasure

any man can ever know

is providing orgasms for his partner.

You just need the CORRECT TOOLS in your SEXUAL tool belt!


Let's REPAIR that Connection,


Don't spend another night sexually frustrated!


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Sex has always fascinated me. Maybe it's because as a teenager, my dad got sick and was no longer able to have sex. Something my mother continued to complain about for the next 20+ years.

It seems when I'm around a group of women, we always end up talking about sex. I was shocked at how many women had to "put up with their husbands" and had sex with them just to "get them off their backs". Again this left me wondering what was wrong with society. Why wouldn't women want to have sex with their husbands?

The answer came the longer I was married. Kids happen. Exhaustion happens. The trash doesn't get taken out and the energy to put into sex is just too much or so I thought. It's not that I didn't enjoy sex, I just didn't enjoy sex all that much.

So what changed? I changed. I got vocal. I found what I liked and worked at it, daily. I have not been sexually frustrated in years.

Now he did some changing, too. He listened, asked, experimented.

I believe that if men sexually satisfy their wives, the world will be a happier place.

It is a process to get there and I'd like to help!

Most Sincerely,

Ellen J. Macafee