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You long to hear those words and I can teach you how.

A Very Helpful Guide: Sex, Orgasms & Pleasing Her

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A Very Helpful Guide: Sex, Orgasms & Pleasing Her


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Learn how to be the lover you've always wanted to be to the woman you already love.

Q and A

Is there anything useful in this book?

I believe so, otherwise I wouldn't have written it. The chapters include:

  • Beyond the Ground Rules
  • Hardwired Facts
  • Hunters
  • Sexually Satisfied
  • Fantasies 101
  • The Almighty Orgasm
  • Anatomy Lesson
  • Erogenous Zones
  • Types of Orgasms
  • Climax Changes
  • Steps – Finally the Good Stuff
  • Defeat
  • Persevere
  • Final Thoughts

Hopefully there's something in there you can use.


Well, I've added all 13 cuddle principles in the book. It's like haveing two handy-dandy reference guides in one. You are welcome!

Is there anything else I can do besides buying the book?

Sure, you can do lots of things. Nothing, is one thing. Scouring the internet is another. I also offer couple sessions at $150 per hour. You also need to pay for airfare, lodging, travel, and meals. I'm located in Georgia, USA. I do not accept insurance.

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Why do you believe so strongly in no sex before marriage?

Maybe it's because I deal with so many unhappy married people. Maybe it's because there's this running joke about no sex after marriage. I know women have very different perspectives on sex. Many women view sex as a bond or connection. Many have sex merely out of obligation and then are left wondering what's in it for them. When they aren't having orgasms, sex is no longer an obligation, it becomes a tool. A tool, which they use to manipulate and control, instead of simply enjoying the ride. Sex too soon, sets up a pattern of this type of behavior.

Will this book guarantee I have more sex?

No. This book will guarantee you have less sex. Well, you will most likely have less orgasms and your wife will have a lot more. So, I guess it depends on your definination of sex. You will be providing more pleasure and receive more sexual satisfaction in your life.